Hi, I’m taalor brodigan.

I help women, who are also mothers, prioritize (sans guilt) their own holistic wellness so that they are able to live a rich and fulfilling life as an impact-maker and a nurturing mother. There doesn’t need to be an “either/or” - I show you the “AND”.

Why? A billion reasons, but essentially I believe:

  • We foster resilient, remarkable children by being resilient, remarkable women.

  • We all have a creative, rich identity that is separate and connected to our children/partners/families.

  • We, as individuals, have the power and responsibility to impact our world positively and mothers are at the epicenter of it all.

  • We all have the ability and responsibility to intentionally create meaningful, purposeful lives.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of support.

I am a mama to riley + emmett. They inspired this journey to begin.

After receiving a degree in Psychology from St. Ambrose University in 2014, I began graduate school to be a counselor. I loved becoming a counselor and working with clients from all backgrounds. What I didn’t love was being out of my home and outsourcing the care of my children to someone else. It went against the grain of all of my values for the type of mother I wanted to be for my children.

During this time period, I began extensively studying & specializing in holistic wellness, parenting philosophies, and the psychology of women & mothers to bridge the gap and incongruences between my own work life and my home life. My thought was that if I had to spend all of this time becoming a counselor, then at least I was going to specialize in topics closest to my heart and apply this work to my own life. Based on all of this research I was doing, I began noticing the same themes coming up from numerous sources when it came to women who were also mothers. I began curating this in search of a better way.

Transitioning my life to reflect my own values and identities as a (Woman+Mother), I realized that being a counselor was not strictly for me. I wanted to focus on empowering women, but I did not want to only have that. I am many things, and finding space to also be a present, mindful parent was key in all of this.

So here i am. empowering women and empowering my children.

I began The Plotted Seed so that I could share all of this with other women who may be in the same boat that I was - not living in alignment with my values, feeling exhausted all of the time, feeling discontented with the day to day aspects of the hamster wheel I was on, and feeling disconnected between my identity as a woman and as a mother. The Plotted Seed was created to help women, who are also mothers, find more ease in their lives and help them create a holistic foundation to support their own missions.

Welcome, my friend.