You know deep down that something is off. There might be a little whisper or there might be some loud shouting going on right now that craves life changes.

You have a desire to live well (mind, body, and soul) that is also realistic for the time and energy you actually have.

You are feeling stuck, exhausted, or are in survival mode of the natural barriers that motherhood bring.

You have a feeling that there is also an identity inside of you outside of motherhood and you desperately crave more congruency between the two, for one to stop smothering the other.

Does this resonate with you?

there are times where i still feel like all of those things. it was being smack-dab in the thick of all of this that started this entire venture.



This is a 6-week mentorship program where you will work with me 1-on-1 to create a personal foundation for living well as a woman and as a mother.


  • 6 - 45 minute Calls (via Zoom) Weekly

  • The Groundwork Journal / An in-depth workbook that includes curated program content, journaling prompts, and additional resources to explore.

  • Access to email and/or messaging support from me between sessions.

We will dive into the deeper work of:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Values, Beliefs, and Stories

  • Desires

  • Releasing

  • Guilt & Shame

  • Intentionality & Consciousness

Why is this important? In order to create meaningful change in your life, you must first become deeply self-aware of all aspects of self. It is only you are consciously aware of the pieces that uniquely make up your person than you can actively interrupt all of the old patterns that are no longer serving you.
Self-awareness and self-care practices are the foundation of living well and improving relationships with your children and partner. Through this deeper work, you are able to create more meaning and purpose for your own life and the life of your family.

What you will walk away with:

  • A deepened connection with yourself and your wellness.

  • Permission to explore what the idea of “living well” might look like for you and your family.

  • Increased feelings of ease in your life. So often, we think we are after “happiness” or “joy” but in reality, most often we just desire more contentment in our lives.

  • A reclaimed life of individuality while also being a nurturing mother.

  • Self-care rituals based on your life that you are able to easily incorporate into daily living.

  • My concept of “Trickle Down Eco-MOM-ics”: where when your cup is full, there is no other option than to pour over that goodness into your children, your partner, and all of the lovely beings surrounding you. It might not be a sound economic principle, but I can attest that it is a very impactful Mom principle. That is the result of stepping into this work; that’s the vision. This naturally happens when you look at the WHOLE person and not just specific areas commonly associated with living well.

  • You will leave this experience with a plan and support to work on living your purpose and building a rich, creative life as a mother and as a woman.

Your investment: $294*

*Payment plans are available. / This introductory offer is only available for the first 3 clients to reserve this program. The regular price of this intensive program is $390.


i believe this work can change your life… if you let it.

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