You can have a creative, rich identity that is separate and connected to your children (& partner).

You have the power and responsibility to impact our world positively.

You have the ability to intentionally create a meaningful, purposeful life.

Mothers are at the epicenter of it all.

Your children model what they see.

We foster resilient, remarkable children by being resilient, remarkable women.

How do we become resilient, remarkable women?

Welcome to The Plotted Seed.


Hi, I’m Taalor.

I am a holistic wellness coach who empowers mothers to prioritize their own self-care and personal development.

I help you:

-Feel more joy + contentment in your everyday life.
-Make empowered + intentional decisions that are aligned with your vision + values.
-Allow space to create a life of enriched relationships + meaningful connections.
-Create an environment where you can consciously parent with more ease.

If we want better for our children, we must first look inward.


Are you ready to say yes to living well and finding meaning and purpose in your own journey as a woman and as a mother?

Groundwork is a 6-week program where you and I work one-on-one to plant the seeds for living well, pruning aspects of your life that are no longer serving you, and creating space to welcome the life you want most.