One of the most highly used deep breathing techniques out there is what I simply call a
4-7-8. All this means is that you inhale (deeply + slowly) through your nose for 4 counts. Hold your breath in your stomach (versus allowing your shoulders to raise, becoming more tense) for 7 counts. Finally, releasing the breath fully through your mouth for 8 counts.

Notice the cool air coming in through your nose. Feel your stomach expanding. Pay attention to the warm air audibly exiting through your lips.

Repeat this a minimum of 3-4 times in a row.

When you have completed this exercise, notice without judgement how your body feels in that moment.

Examples of times when I use this technique:

  • I am feeling overwhelmed by my environment.

  • I want to respond, instead of react, to my children in a way that is more aligned with my parenting philosophy.

  • Before having an important conversation.

  • In the morning during my daily practice.